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Performance Assurance

Performance Assurance provides our customers with the Internet intelligence needed to make the most informed and accurate decisions on traffic management, CDN optimization, and Cloud optimization; all of which affect the customer experience.

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What Is Performance Assurance?

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Businesses can integrate Dyn’s Performance Assurance services into their operational workflows for Internet monitoring and alerting, as well as automatically adjusting the network for optimal performance, cost, and customer experience.

Unlike standalone managed DNS and network performance monitoring solutions, Dyn Performance Assurance, which is available as a result of Dyn's acquisition of the Internet intelligence authority Renesys, provides automated, intelligent optimization based on unparalleled measurement, monitoring and analytics.

Benefits & Features

  • Visibility: Alerting and exposing businesses to Internet and business problems they didn't even know existed.
  • Intelligence: Synthesized data that combines the 'what' with a global perspective so businesses can recognize the affect on their brand.
  • Optimization: Automatically make decisions on the correct location, data center, or CDN to route traffic to for optimal performance, quality, and cost.

  • Increase Revenue

    Reduce latency, connect more intelligently to the Internet and keep customers happy.
  • Reduce Cost

    Design and operate your cloud based resources (data centers, CDNs, etc.) for efficiency without sacrificing performance.
  • Mitigate Risk

    Our data scientists and experts leverage a global sensor network to guard your brand on the Internet.

See what IDC had to say about Dyn Performance Assurance

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    "The insights from the Dyn Performance Assurance offering are designed to help with a variety of infrastructure elements and domains that are dependent upon Internet performance such as: network planning, traffic management, CDN optimization, Cloud optimization, and data center optimization."

    - IDC, Monitoring the Internet: Dyn Acquires Renesys, #249278, June 2014

Performance Assurance Products

  • IP Transit Intelligence

    Gain valuable insights into Internet IP peering & transit relationships

    Learn More About How You Can:
    • ★ Gain visibility into IP peering and transit relationships across every geography for both IPv4 and IPv6 networks
    • ★ Plan for global expansion by leveraging intelligence on service provider rankings by region, country, and select cities
    • ★ Identify best peering partnerships to optimize performance and costs
    Learn About IP Transit Intelligence
  • Internet Intelligence

    Understand how Internet Performance impacts your business and brand

    Learn More About How You Can:
    • ★ Gain visibility and intelligence into how Internet routing and performance affects users connecting to your brand
    • ★ Monitor availability and performance to pinpoint failures and degradations in global Internet paths more quickly
    • ★ Confidently make the changes necessary to optimize Internet availability, reliability, and reach
    Learn About Internet Intelligence