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Dyn solutions are at the core of Internet performance. Effective communication with your customers creates the lasting relationships that drive the success of your business. Dyn’s message management solution will help you power that success by engaging your customer base and improving satisfaction.

What does Message Management mean to your business?

Over 70% of the 144 billion emails sent every day are spam, so it’s understandable that legitimate emails often get caught in spam filters. Dyn’s message management solution significantly reduces this problem, enabling more of your opt-in email to reach your users. Sending hundreds of thousands or millions of emails per month is a challenge when 25% of valid email messages never make it to the intended inbox.

With Dyn message management solutions, you’ll immediately have actionable insight into your inbox success rates, current sender score, and user engagement.

Understanding Message Management

If your company’s transactional and marketing emails aren’t making it to the inbox, what’s the point of sending them? Watch Director of Deliverability Steve Wheeler break down the art & science of email delivery in this video.

Benefits & Features

  • Inbox delivery: With Dyn, you will leverage Dyn’s sending infrastructure’s scalability, reputation and unmatched inbox success rate to assure that your emails get through to your customers.
  • Reports and analysis: You will have full access to reports/analysis on open/clicks, bounces, unsubscribes, complaints, and more. You also get full post back processing and API access on email related data.
  • Lowest TCO: As a cloud-based service, the total cost of ownership (TCO) with Dyn message management services is significantly lower than buying hardware, hiring deliverability experts, and operating your own email sending servers.

Three important questions for businesses to ask:

Why is email delivery important to my business?

Email (transactions, newsletters, offers and more) is the most critical communication medium for businesses. Deliverability problems can reduce revenue, raise costs, and impact customer satisfaction.

Why should I outsource email delivery?

Transactional and bulk email senders fight a daily battle against being falsely identified as spammers by ISPs. Outsourcing email delivery not only reduces overall costs, it significantly improves inbox success.

Why should I choose Dyn over other email providers?

Dyn delivers billions of emails on the behalf of thousands of customers every year. Along with sending emails, we have the reporting/analytics and deliverability expertise needed to continuously improve your email performance.

  • Increase Revenue

    Missed emails are missed revenue opportunities. Ensure that you’re capturing all the revenue you can.
  • Reduce Cost

    Avoid investing in costly hardware that needs frequent upgrading and ongoing resources.
  • Mitigate Risk

    Lean on our support teams anytime, anywhere. Leaving email to the experts means less to worry about.

Our customers speak for themselves.

  • image01
    "The biggest result is that in one year, we have grown from sending 10 million emails to 85 million emails a month and our performance remains near real time."

    - Sharon Weiss CTO and VP,R&D

  • image02
    "It’s very important to be able to work with a vendor that understands that you’re working with an ever-evolving product and a company that shares your sense of urgency."

    - Nikos Kakavoulis CEO

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    "We spend less money on infrastructure because we use Dyn. This allows us to focus on the intricacies of our solution, which in turn will lead to greater success."

    - Mark Chapman, CEO

Message Management Products

  • Email Delivery Express

    < 750,000emails per month

    ideal for fast-growing businesses or startups

    key features
    • Up and running quickly with self service purchase and activation
    • Six different sending tiers to choose from
    • Upgrades always available
    • Full reporting: opens, clicks, complaints, more
    • Reputation monitoring and more
    Learn More
  • Email Delivery

    750,000+emails per month

    ideal for High-volume senders of mission critical email

    key features
    • 100% uptime since inception
    • Cloud-based and high performing
    • Full reporting: opens, clicks, complaints, more
    • API integration, IP pool flexibility and more
    • Access to deliverability expertise
    Learn More
  • Reputation Management

    advanced supportFor Email Delivery

    ideal for the most advanced message management methods

    key features
    • Dedicated Deliverability Specialist
    • Proactive Deliverability Monitoring
    • Weekly Status Updates
    • Receiver Network Remediation
    • Customized Delivery Settings
    • Special Mailing Event Coordination & Monitoring
    Learn More
Our Experts Speak

Steve Wheeler • Director of Deliverability

"Email deliverability has evolved into a science and our formula for inbox success is unmatched."

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