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Managed DNS

Traffic Management

Managed DNS

Connect visitors to your websites and applications with the fastest, most secure and reliable DNS.


1 Domain

1 Million QPM

50 Records

$7 / month

$77 / year



10 Domain

5 Million QPM

500 Records

$35 / month

$385 / year


50 Domain

15 Million QPM

1,500 Records

$109 / month

$1199 / year


500 Domain

30 Million QPM

2,500 Records

$400 / month

$4400 / year


Custom Domains

Custom QPM

Custom Records

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High Performance

Dyn’s global Anycast network which has 18 points of presence (POPS) including locations such as India, Brazil, Sydney, and Hong Kong, assures high site availability and low latency resulting in a superior user experience for your site visitors.

Cloud based

As Managed DNS is delivered as a service, there is no need to buy hardware, install software, or hire more IT personnel. Managed DNS addresses all of your current and future DNS needs including handling DNSSEC, IPv6, an easy-to-use management portal, advanced logging and reporting. All with the lowest cost of ownership.

Traffic Management Expertise

Dyn backs the Managed DNS solution with unparalleled DNS domain expertise, extreme system scalability and customer support. We have delivered industry-leading web speed and uptime for over 10 years.

Additional Features

Disaster Preparedness: Potential natural disasters affecting web sites range from accidentally cut fiber optic lines to hurricanes. Outsourcing DNS is part of a sound disaster prevention strategy.

Security: Unfortunately, hacking and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are serious threats to your organization’s online presence. Leverage Dyn expertise in DNS security to maintain business continuity.

API Integration: Dyn Managed DNS’ SOAP and REST APIs enable the full integration and automating of tasks needed with your account, zones, and DNS records.

DNS Reporting: Managed DNS includes QPS Reports and Changeset Reports, providing more insight into your site’s incoming traffic.

DNS Expertise: The great minds behind Dyn's Traffic Director

TechpertiseMeet Andrew Sullivan. Sullivan has been working on future innovations for Dyn for the past year as Director of Labs. In his new role as Principal Architect, he brings that same pioneering spirit to the DNS team, ensuring the company is always looking toward the future of the Internet.

Sullivan has long been a leading voice in the DNS and Internet community and previously worked as the Director of Name Services at Afilias and as an Internet Scientist at Shinkuro, Inc.

Dyn is happy to announce that Andrew Sullivan was named to the Internet Architecture Board (IAB) for a term of two years, kicking off in March 2013.

“My work with the labs team was very exciting. It gave me the opportunity to work with the production engineers on an architectural review of the DNS systems. That review stimulated a number of thoughts about how things might evolve and improvements that were needed.

At Dyn, if you have an opinion, people expect you to step up and take action. So that’s how I ended up moving to DNS engineering.”