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Managed DNS Express

Managed DNS

Connect visitors to your websites and applications with DNS as low as $7/month.

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1 Domain

1 Million QPM

50 Records

$7 / month

$77 / year



10 Domain

5 Million QPM

500 Records

$35 / month

$385 / year


50 Domain

15 Million QPM

1,500 Records

$109 / month

$1199 / year


500 Domain

30 Million QPM

2,500 Records

$400 / month

$4400 / year


Custom Domains

Custom QPM

Custom Records

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Managed DNS Express Terms & Conditions

Express accounts are designed to scale by automatically raising your service level each time your usage exceeds any of the the limits specified above. If you’re a customer who experiences seasonal spikes in traffic for short periods of time due to a DDoS or other short-term events and you want to avoid automatic increases in your service level as a result of your seasonal spikes, we recommend purchasing Spike Insurance.

For a low monthly fee, Spike Insurance allows you to exceed an applicable queries usage limit for up to three consecutive months without incurring an automatic increase in your service levels. Adding Spike Insurance will prevent your service from being automatically upgraded to a higher package from these types of events. The price varies based upon the Express level you choose.

At the highest level, Spike Insurance changes to include an additional QPS (approximately 3 million QPM) of protection prior to overages calculations for $100/month.