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Finally, a better, faster, and safer way to surf the Internet with our recursive DNS service.

Take complete control of your Internet experience by blocking unsafe or unwanted content based on categories or via custom white/black lists with Dyn’s free Internet Guide.

Easily install within your router to provide the same safe and fast experience on all devices connected to your network or use our Update Client to configure IG on a local Windows or Mac OS X computer.

Setup For New Users

Setup For DNS Veterans

Replace your current DNS resolvers with the following: –

Note: You can add your local DNS resolver below Dyn Internet Guide in your DNS server order to allow internal hostnames to resolve correctly.

It’s that simple, and yes, it’s free.

Block Phishing & Bad Content

Prevent phishing and malware sites automatically with a click of the button. Block content of your choice from 30 categories while being able to always allow certain sites.

Correct Typos

Browse faster with common domain typo correction ( to and to

Find Websites Faster

Speed your Internet connection's ability to find sites without installing any software.

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