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IP Transit Intelligence

Gain valuable insights into Internet IP peering and transit relationships.

What is it?

As businesses become more global and networks become more distributed, understanding how the Internet connects your users to your brand is imperative. Dyn’s IP Transit Intelligence delivers the world’s most complete, accurate, objective, and up-to-date view of how data is being routed across the Internet.

Our global database of Internet affiliations helps global businesses and network service providers make well-informed data center location and Internet peering and transit decisions.

Benefits & Solutions

  • Gain visibility into IP peering and transit relationships across every geography for both IPv4 and IPv6 networks
  • Plan for global expansion by leveraging intelligence on service provider rankings by region, country, and select cities
  • Identify best peering partnerships to optimize performance and costs

All that IP Transit Intelligence has to offer:


Global Visibility for Network Planning and Expansion

Data is collected in real-time from a global BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) sensor network, gathering advertisements from 500+ networks across the world to construct a comprehensive up-to-the-minute catalog of IP transit and peering relationships.


Insight and Intelligence for Network Service Providers

Gain visibility into competitors, prospects, and new and underserved markets; track contract renewal dates of prospective customers; and identifies competitors’ customers with unstable networks.


Maximize/Expand Market Reach by Geography or Customer Type

Qualify service providers by geography, customer type, or presence; identify best peering partnerships to optimize performance and costs; and prepare for IPv6 interconnect and expansion with simple views and reports.

Additional Features

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Access to real-time and historical data
Daily updates provide the latest registrations and changes in the global Internet and historical views provide insight into trends and expansions.
Customizable reports and summaries
Customize reports on peering relationships, service providers, ASN (Autonomous System Number) registrations, as well as interconnection news and events. Distinct IPv4 and IPv6 views provided to help with transit decisions while transitioning to IPv6.
Daily summaries – right to your inbox
Have daily snapshots delivered directly to your inbox for the target markets, providers, and ASNs you are monitoring. An easy-to-understand, written summary gives a personalized view with the ability to move right into detailed analysis.

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