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Dyn Email Gateway
We hate spam and viruses as much as you do.

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Everyone hates spam.

As a leader in email delivery, we hate spam mail just as much as you do. With Dyn Email Gateway, run your own mailserver while we filter and scan your mail with SpamAssassin and DNS-based blacklists, automatically discarding the bad stuff like viruses.

Dyn Email Gateway also includes backup queuing (store and forward) for those times when your server goes down unexpectedly.

All this and more for just $59.95 a year which includes email and phone support!

Spam and virus scanning

We scan your mail for spam and viruses using a combination of SpamAssassin, ClamAV and DNS-based blacklists.

Backed up when you're down

For that unexpected time when you're down, Dyn Email Gateway will store and forward your email with our backup queuing system.

Multiple relay ports available

Relay mail to any of the following ports: 24, 25, 26, 587, 2525, 10025, 5252.

Dyn Email Gateway

as low as $59.95/yr

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