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Dyn Email Forward
Accept. Forward. Simple.

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No Server Needed.

With Dyn Email Forward, you can accept and forward mail without needing to run your own mail server. Set up forwarding rules and get those important messages to your current email address or a small list of recipients.

This service also includes spam, virus, and DNSBL message filtering, store and forwarding queuing and the ability to create unlimited email aliases with forwarding of each alias to up to 10 other email addresses.

Unlimited Email Aliases

Forward each alias to up to 10 other email addresses.

Message Filtering

Spam, virus check and DNSBL message filtering all come standard with Dyn Email Forward.

Lite Also Available

Get the same great feature set and five email aliases for just $49.95 per year.

Dyn Email Forward

as low as $59.95/yr

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