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Email Backup MX
No more lost email during downtime.

Back It Up Now

A backup until you’re back up.

Ever run a mailserver and then, things go kaput? The last thing you need when you’re scrambling to solve problems is worrying about lost email. With Dyn Email Backup MX, that concern is off your plate.

We store an unlimited amount of mail and keep a backup for 10 (ten) days, storing and forwarding when you’re back up via our secondary MX servers. We also attempt automatic redelivery to a primary MX — all with phone and email support during primary business hours.

Take one more worry out of your email day with Dyn Email Backup MX.

Unlimited email storage

While you're down, we'll get it all -- no matter how big.

Backup queue

We offer backup queuing for unexpected downtime on a main MX server for 10 days, storing and forwarding when you're ready.

DNSBL filtering

We filter our mail against our DNSBL (DNS black hole list), filtering and discarding any email with bad intentions.

Dyn Email Backup MX

as low as $49.95/yr

Back It Up Now