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Email Delivery – Transactional & Bulk

Email Delivery – Transactional & Bulk

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Standard Features: X-Header Tagging, Postback Processing, Web Reporting, Support, Bounce Handling, ISP Loop Feedback
Extra Feature: Deliverabilty Support

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  • Inbox Success

    One of the most common causes of email rejection is the “false positive” categorization of email as spam by ISPs. Dyn’s email sending platform’s solid reputation rating significantly reduces the likelihood of a false positive, increasing your inbox success rate.
  • Web Reporting

    Having Dyn send your emails improves your visibility into email metrics such as sent, delivered, bounce, or complaint. Dyn Email Delivery enables you to track each email uniquely with a recipient address, timestamp, and if bounced, a detailed bounce header.
  • API Integration

    Spend more time building great applications, and less time configuring SMTP or tracking down a delivery issue. Dyn’s Email Delivery API provides the full functionality of the web interface, plus a Send API that allows you to eliminate SMTP from your application stack altogether! Software Development Kits (SDKs) in a number of popular languages are available to help you get started.

Inbox Acceptance Isn't A Right, It's A Benefit Of Doing It Right

The process of getting email from sender to inbox isn't as easy as just hitting 'send'. Behind every great deliverability company is a group of dedicated people that have spent years in the business, building relationships and technology that result in inbox success. That's what Dyn's email clients experience: complete inbox success.

Why Build It When We Did It For You?

Building an email infrastructure can take years and tens of thousands of dollars. Even then, there's no guarantee that email will get delivered. Dyn's senders routinely experience best-in-class delivery rates, near triple-digit sender scores and expert consultation when they come on board. We are anti-spam and pro-best practices, doing full checks into any new client before they come on board.