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Email Delivery – Transactional & Bulk

Email Delivery Advanced Features

Web Reporting

Available with: All Email Delivery packages

Email Delivery provides a robust web reporting portal for you to access the complete view of your email delivery program. You can explore summary reports of bulk and transactional email deliveries, bounces, complaints, opens and clicks and dig down into specific details for all.

Email Delivery Enterprise provides additional capabilities like open and click tracking. Email Delivery provides the capability to track each email uniquely with each recipient, timestamp, URL, and IP address for that recipients email that has been opened or clicked.↑ return to chart ↑


Available with: All Email Delivery packages

Email Delivery comes with a knowledgeable support staff at your fingertips. If you’re having trouble getting started or continuing use of any of our services let us know and we’ll be more than happy to get you back up and running as soon as possible! ↑ return to chart ↑

Advanced Deliverability Support

Available with: Email Delivery Express 75 and above

Email Delivery is backed by The (infamous) Most Reputable Sender in the World. Our team and product specializes on making sure that we just don’t deliver messages but that we send them to the inbox. Our Express and Enterprise level packages have access to our Deliverability Team’s advice, that in cooperation with your email program we’ll help make sure we’re getting your messages to your users inbox. ↑ return to chart ↑

X-Header Tagging

Available with: Email Delivery Full only

Email Delivery provides the capability for senders to tag and categorize emails via X-Header labels and values to emails to allow for customized reporting needs. Email Delivery will automatically attach and report on emails sent, deliveries, bounces, opens and clicks with their associated X-Header tags. ↑ return to chart ↑

Postback Processing

Available with: Email Delivery Full only

Email Delivery doesn’t just let you send email. It also provides you with helpful information should your emails bounce back, or if a recipient complains through their mailbox provider. Postback URLs provide you with a means of retrieving bounce and spam complaint information from emails you send, so you can update your own systems with that information automatically. ↑ return to chart ↑

Dedicated IP Pools

Available with: Email Delivery Full only

Email Delivery will help ensure your deliverability through customizing IP pools to your specific mail. Dedicated and Shared IP pools are powerful tools when used correctly, our team will help customize a pool strategy to work best with your mail program. ↑ return to chart ↑


Available with: Email Delivery Full only

Email Delivery provides a REST API to allow for programmatic access to the system. You can configure your account via the API, request reporting data, update recipient status, and most other functions available within the Control Panel.

As with any REST API, methods are called via standard HTTP requests, sometimes with parameters specified within the request. Methods are invoked via the standard set of REST verbs, and results are available in one of three parse-friendly formats: JSON, HTML, and XML. ↑ return to chart ↑

Reputation Monitoring

Available with: All Email Delivery packages

A lot of companies think they’re doing well when it comes to email delivery. But how do they really know? With Reputation Monitoring, it’s all about consistent monitoring. In an easy-to-read dashboard, users now have more insight into their sending reputation with ISPs including authentication, volume/frequency, inbox acceptance rate, complaint rates and more. Other major improvements are coming to Email Delivery soon! ↑ return to chart ↑

Bounce Handling

Available with: All Email Delivery packages

Email Delivery automatically reconfigures ISP bounce codes to ensure we take the right corrective action for soft vs. hard bounces. ISPs do their best to give relevant information back with bounces and based on this information, Email delivery will ensure you’re continuing to email recipients that want your mail and not send mail to recipients that don’t exist or are inactive. ↑ return to chart ↑

Open/Click Tracking

Available with: Email Delivery Full only

Email Delivery includes open and click tracking capabilities to provide more insight into the engagement of your mail. These features provides detailed reports into which recipient clicked or opened your message and the time they did so. As an added twist, opens reports include some insight into the amount of time your message was open by showing whether a message was seen, skimmed or read. ↑ return to chart ↑

Inbox Acceptance Isn't A Right, It's A Benefit Of Doing It Right

The process of getting email from sender to inbox isn't as easy as just hitting 'send'. Behind every great deliverability company is a group of dedicated people that have spent years in the business, building relationships and technology that result in inbox success. That's what Dyn's email clients experience: complete inbox success.

Why Build It When We Did It For You?

Building an email infrastructure can take years and tens of thousands of dollars. Even then, there's no guarantee that email will get delivered. Dyn's senders routinely experience best-in-class delivery rates, near triple-digit sender scores and expert consultation when they come on board. We are anti-spam and pro-best practices, doing full checks into any new client before they come on board.