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DNS Build vs. Buy: Cloud vs. On-Premise

DNS Build vs. Buy Webinar

Presenter: Cory von Wallenstein

In this webinar, Dyn Chief Technologist Cory von Wallenstein discusses whether enterprise users should build their own internal DNS infrastructure or use managed services in the cloud instead. Learn about the known and hidden costs of on-premise solutions, what managed services really means, why staffing can be harder than you think, and more!

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How To Improve Your Email Sender Reputation

Email Delivery Webinar

Presenter: Mike Veilleux

In this webinar, Dyn’s Director of Email Product Mike Veilleux will talk about what today’s businesses should understand about email sender reputation, how to find it, how to improve it, how to maintain it, and how to improve the quality of email sends altogether.

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How To Move Your Data Center To A Cloud Infrastructure

Presenter: Chris Brenton

In this Dyn webinar, Director of Security Chris Brenton discusses the challenges encountered when moving a data center to a public cloud infrastructure, as well as security options you can leverage to ensure a smooth transition.

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Three Ways Companies Can Avoid DDoS Attacks

Presenter: Andrew Sullivan

With DDoS attacks on the rise, companies from the Fortune 500 to the fast-rising startup have to worry about their website disappearing from public view. In this 15-minute webinar, Dyn Principal Architect Andrew Sullivan gives a quick-hit overview of DDoS attacks and three tips on how companies can help plan ahead before getting hit.

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Improving DNS Performance With Multiple CDNs

Presenters: Cory von Wallenstein | Turbobytes’ Aaron Peters

All Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) have small issues, big problems and regions in which they are always slow. So how do those that manage CDNs avoid and mitigate these issues? Dyn Chief Technologist Cory von Wallenstein and Turbobytes’ co-founder and CEO Aaron Peters explain it all.

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DNS Security: How To Be PCI Compliant

Presenters: Cory von Wallenstein & Chris Brenton

Dyn’s Director of Security Chris Brenton and Chief Technologist Cory von Wallenstein are back with another webinar dive into DNS security, this time focusing on PCI (payment card industry) compliance.

It’s an industry that affects so many (retail merchants, banks, processors, and more) and is evolving constantly due to new requirements and outside threats, so what should those that need to be PCI compliant do to keep up?

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Everything You Need To Know About DNS Security

Presenters: Cory von Wallenstein & Chris Brenton

With DNS hijacks happening more frequently, website security has never been more important for your company. However, it can be a daunting task to figure out where you’re getting started, and to evaluate if what you are doing is working.

That’s why Director of Security Chris Brenton and Chief Technologist Cory von Wallenstein are here.

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Preparing For The Seasonal Web Traffic & Email Delivery Rush

Presenters: Josh Verrill & Mike Veilleux

The financial stakes are high with the 2013 holiday season expected to be the largest financial windfall in history. The numbers show it and your bottom line will show it if your website stays up and available, and your emails driving traffic and assuring purchases are delivered.

There are more holidays than Black Friday and Cyber Monday that you need to be aware of. Are you ready year-round?

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Preparing For Weather-Related DNS Disasters & Downtime

Presenter: Cory von Wallenstein

Active hurricane season starts every June 1st and ends on November 30th, bringing with it the potential of extended downtime for your website. You might be thinking, “Rain and wind…who cares?” Remember Superstorm Sandy? A lot of brands with websites hosted on the East Coast went down because they weren’t prepared. That’s what this webinar is all about, especially important because of an above-average hurricane season predicted. Cory von Wallenstein tackled this subject and more, informing you on how to prepare for and avoid DNS disaster.

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Transactional Email: Understanding The Email That Everyone Wants To Get

Presenter: Steve Wheeler & James DeLoid

Director of Deliverability Steve Wheeler and Email Product Manager James DeLoid will introduce you to everything you should know about transactional email: the one piece of email everyone wants to receive in their inbox. In this webinar, you’ll learn what transactional email is, what makes transactional email different from other types of email, how to improve your transactional email content, what metrics you need to look at, tips for how your customer service departments should deal with blocked or missing transactional email and more!

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Managed DNS: Everything You Need To Know About DDoS

Presenter: Andrew Sullivan

With major websites going down more frequently due to attacks, DDoS is a hot topic in the managed DNS space and we had a record turnout for our first ever webinar on the subject, led by Andrew Sullivan. In this hour-long webinar, Andrew talked about what DDoS attacks are, what the attacker’s goals are, how attacks can affect you when you are the target and when you are the amplifier, whether outsourcing or anycast can help, the upsides and downsides of each, and tons more!

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Intro to Dyn Managed DNS: Seatwave & TagMan

Presenters: Dave Lemaire | TagMan’s Ave Wrigley | Seatwave’s Perry Dyball

TagMan CTO Ave Wrigley and Seatwave Ecommerce Operations Manager Perry Dyball presented two case studies that helped tell the story of why they use Dyn Managed DNS. Learn more about how these two EMEA web entitites of different sizes use managed DNS, how they keep independence from other vendors and more!

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Managed DNS: Using APIs

Presenters: Kevin Gray | Mashery’s John Oberon

As the managed DNS industry has grown, so has the need for the use of APIs. What do you need to know when evaluating a managed DNS provider? Dyn’s Technical Integrator Kevin Gray & Mashery’s VP of Engineering John Oberon answered those questions and more during this webinar.

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Managed DNS: Understanding Load Balancing

Presenters: Andrew Sullivan | Dotcom-Monitor’s Brad Canham & Vadim Mazo

In this 55-minute webinar, Andrew Sullivan, joined by Dotcom-Monitor CTO Vadim Mazo and Dotcom-Monitor VP of Sales & Marketing Brad Canham, gave the high-level overview of Load Balancing with Managed/Outsourced DNS providers. Thanks to Vadim and Brad, Andrew was able to show numbers that illustrate how important DNS load balancing can be for web uptime.

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Email Delivery: Understanding Email Analytics & Reporting

Presenters: Steve Wheeler, Mike Veilleux | Ongage’s Noam Rotem

In this hour long webinar, Mike Veilleux and Steve Wheeler were joined by Ongage Senior Product & Marketing Manager Noam Rotem to discuss a pretty important topic: how to understand email delivery analytics.

The guys discussed everything you should know about analytics, what’s next and what’s important, how to improve deliverability through research, methodology, list segmentation, IP pool strategy, implementation, both companies’ approaches and more. If you’ve ever wanted to understand email analytics, this is the webinar for you!

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Advanced DNS: The Benefits of Active/Active Failover

Presenters: Cory von Wallenstein | Iovation’s Eric Rosenberry

Cory von Wallenstein & Iovation Principal Infrastructure Architect Eric Rosenberry took to the airwaves for an hour, discussing the benefits of using the Active/Active Failover setup with managed DNS configurations — a frequently asked question for us. As someone who oversees this process for Dyn client Iovation, Eric was a perfect fit to co-present. There was also a solid 10 minutes of DNS questions and answers, which is always a good time!

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Intro To Email Delivery

Presenters: Mike Veilleux and Stephen Wheeler

Ever wonder what the heck email delivery is? Why does deliverability matter, you say? Check out this one-hour webinar featuring Mike Veilleux and Steve Wheeler as they walk you through it and answer a ton of listener questions.

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