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Dyn Internet Intelligence

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Internet Performance

Monitor & Analyze

Dyn Internet Intelligence

Provide the best possible online user experience by monitoring and analyzing your Internet performance.

The Internet is global, why isn’t your analysis?

Dyn Internet Intelligence monitors your Internet infrastructure, enabling both the analysis of your site’s global performance and the planning of performance improvements and geographic expansion.

While other performance management products focus on internal networks and applications, Dyn Internet Intelligence provides insight across the entire breadth and depth of the global Internet ecosystem – data centers, content delivery networks, and cloud service providers.

  • Gain visibility and intelligence into how Internet routing and performance affects users connecting to your brand
  • Monitor availability and performance to pinpoint failures and degradations in global Internet paths more quickly
  • Confidently make the changes necessary to optimize Internet availability, reliability, and reach

Service providers and enterprises that deliver mission-critical applications and content to end users have to select the right location for their IT infrastructure to maximize performance....Dyn Internet Intelligence is critical in establishing which of our data centers in Europe provides the best response times to specific target markets. With Dyn Internet Intelligence, we can help our customers achieve their business goals.

Mike Hollands, Director Connectivity, Interxion

Client Logos: Twitter, Netflix, Pagely, Etsy

Experience The Dyn Difference:

The Washington Post

“When something goes wrong on the Internet, monitoring firm Renesys [acquired by Dyn] is watching. Since 2000 the firm has tried to be the first to notify customers when Internet transmission goes dark, whether it's because of political strife or an undersea cable malfunction.”

Business Insider

"The company effectively has its eyes on the world's Internet access — who can connect and who can't"


“Dyn ensures that, when users try to access a site, data is delivered to them via the most efficient delivery service.”


“Dyn and Renesys want to make the Internet a friendlier place for businesses.”


"Dyn now has more than 350 people and, together with Akamai, pretty much runs the Internet from the Northeast."

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Internet Monitoring

Leverage the world’s most extensive sensor grid, global geolocation analysis and real-time internet connectivity mapping to monitor the entire breadth and depth of your global Internet ecosystem – data centers, content delivery networks, and cloud service providers.

Performance Analysis

Utilize diagnostic tools to quickly locate and identify both connectivity problems and opportunities for performance improvement. Refine with “what if” scenarios.

Expansion Planning

Better serve both existing customers and those in new markets by more accurately locating data center locations and selecting cloud based service providers based, on Dyn Internet Intelligence’s real-world response times.

Additional Features

Global Sensor Grid: Dyn Internet Intelligence leverages a global network of over 150 sensors that collect over a billion performance data points every day providing the base level data required to measure Internet performance on a global scale.

Global Vantage Points: From Seattle to Singapore... from Helsinki to Beijing... Dyn Internet Intelligence enables you to analyze Internet performance from over 450 cities across the globe.

Cloud-Based: Delivered as a service, Dyn Internet Intelligence delivers unmatched monitoring and analysis without you having to buy hardware, install software, or hire more IT personnel.

24/7 Customer Service

Dyn’s Internet Performance experts are available to help via phone, email or online.

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  • Latency Mapping

    Map your current Internet assets to see their global performance from over 450 vantage points across the globe. View from the real-time to the last 90 days.

  • Compare Network Service Provider Latency

    Use historical data to compare your current performance against other providers to see which is best serving a particular market.

  • Network Provider latency history

    View latency history from 24 hours ago to near real time to Identify issues that arise for small periods of time that affect user experience and then disappear.

  • Performance Analysis

    Identify upstream routers that may be responsible for regional issues and find routes that detour around the problem area.

  • Set up Alerts

    Configurable real-time alarms and notifications of changes to the internet routing, instabilities, outages, and hijacks.