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Get a 360° View of How the Internet Affects Your Business

With Internet Intelligence – Network

Internet Intelligence For Your Online Business

Companies that count on the Internet know that outages and slow response times have a direct impact on revenues and customer satisfaction. Internet Intelligence - Network enables you to avoid service interruptions, reduce costs, and deliver the best possible online experience by monitoring and analyzing your Internet performance.

With Internet Intelligence - Network, get the insight you need to plan for current and future needs.


  • How can I see Internet events that are compromising my path to the Internet?
  • Are network changes affecting my Internet connectivity?
  • Are my cloud partners meeting my Internet performance expectations?


  • What are the root causes of our web-facing performance problems?
  • Are the problems inside or outside our networks?
  • How can I mitigate the effects of outages, hijacks and misconfigurations?
  • How can I create consistent and reliable web user experiences?


  • How do Network Service providers compare in terms of performance?
  • How do Cloud providers and their locations choices compare in terms of performance?
  • Where should I locate data centers to best serve my customers?
  • How do I best serve my enterprise with SaaS solutions?

Service providers and enterprises that deliver mission-critical applications and content to end users have to select the right location for their IT infrastructure to maximize performance....Internet Intelligence - Network is critical in establishing which of our data centers in Europe provides the best response times to specific target markets. With Internet Intelligence - Network, we can help our customers achieve their business goals.

Mike Hollands, Director Connectivity, Interxion

Features & Benefits

Real-Time Monitoring: Dynamically track all connected assets and domains that make up your Internet service delivery platform.

Alarms & Notifications: Configurable real-time alarms and notifications of Internet routing changes, instabilities, outages, hijacks, and man-in-the-middle attacks.

Custom Vantage Points: Instrument your data centers to get specific performance data from your location to over 1.5 million IP data points around the globe.

Cloud-Based Technology: Internet Intelligence - Network delivers real-time Internet performance insight without requiring you to buy hardware, install software, or hire more IT personnel.

Internet Intelligence - Network presents Internet performance data as timely, easy to understand, actionable information. Displayed in an intuitive graphical interface, this information enables you to monitor and analyze your Internet performance.

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