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Domain Registration

As Low As $15 per year

Register or transfer a domain today!

What is it?

Domain registration and transfers can be tricky business, but they don’t have to be. Dyn is a fully accredited registrar with ICANN, making it easy to create new domains or transfer existing ones.

We allow for registration of a number of top-level domains (TLDs), including .com, .net, .org and .se.

Benefits & Solutions

  • Streamlined Registration Workflow
  • DNSSEC Support
  • Secret Registration
  • Domain Name Management
  • Domain Locking
  • Mass Domain Name Maintenance

Supported TLDS Available Top Level Domains

For New Domain Registrations

.com .gs .tv .cc
.net .info .se
.org .mobi .us
.biz .name .cx

For Domain Transfers

.com .cx .name .cc
.net .gs .se
.org .info .tv
.biz .mobi .us

If you are looking for a TLD other than those listed above, our Standard DNS service supports domains in almost every TLD, as long as the registry and your registrar will delegate the domain for our nameservers. Click here for our full listing of domains and pricing.

For those interested in registering/transferring a .SE domain, please see our .SE policy.


All that Domain Registration has to offer:


Streamlined Workflow

We've made the process of registering or transferring a domain easier than ever. Just perform a quick domain search, answer a few quick questions, and you'll be on your way! If the domain you searched isn't available, we'll provide you with a custom list of similar domains to choose from.


DNSSEC Support

DNSSEC, or DNS Security Extensions, is a proposed solution to the issue of trust. DNSSEC simply adds new records to DNS alongside existing records. These new records are used to digitally “sign” a domain, using a method known as public key cryptography. TLDs with DNSSEC Support: .com, .net, .org, .biz & .se.


Secret Registration

Protect your domain’s WHOIS contact information while complying with the ICANN rules — blocking and screening out scams and other unwanted solicitations. Secret Registration is only $9.95 per year and is available for the majority of the domains we support.

Additional Features

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Domain Name Management
Most registered domains can be used in conjunction with our Standard DNS for full control of your domain. Starting at $35.00 per year, you can have up to 75 DNS records per domain name, up to 750,000 queries/mo and experience total uptime thanks to five DNS servers in geographically-diverse locations.
Domain Locking
Most TLDs have the ability to lock and unlock domains in bulk to protect your domain from being transferred away should your authentication code become compromised.
Mass Domain Name Maintenance
Our Contact Manager makes it easy to handle domain contacts across one or many domains.