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Managed DNS Whitepapers & eBooks

We have some of the best technical minds on the planet, ensuring that websites are always available and fast and email gets delivered. While our blog is a great place to find awesome DNS traffic management and email message management content, we understand the need for some additional high-level tech talk which is what you can find here.

Dyn 4 Reasons To Outsource DNS Whitepaper

Four Reasons To Outsource Your DNS

In this latest whitepaper from Dyn, you’ll learn four reasons why outsourcing your DNS management is a good option to research for your company regardless of size. Download now and get the information you need to avoid a costly mistake.

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Evaluating The Cost Of A DDoS Attack

DDoS protection isn’t cheap, but is saving money today better than losing profits and brand reputation tomorrow? Take a look at all that a DDoS attack can cost you (hint: it’s not JUST downtime) and maybe you’ll reconsider your plan of crossing your fingers that no one attacks you.

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5 DNS Security Risks - Dyn

5 DNS Security Risks That Keep You Up At Night

In this whitepaper, we discuss 5 common and treacherous security threats that can completely debilitate your DNS, and subsequently, your online business.

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The Master List of DNS Terminology

DNS can be difficult to understand as it is, but if you’re unfamiliar with commonly used terminology, it may be near impossible to get a grasp on its intricacies. We have compiled the need-to-know DNS terms from A-Record to Uptime so you can better understand the ins and outs of DNS.

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5 Ways to Reduce Network Latency

Slow is the new downtime when it comes to your online business. Just a few seconds of latency can cause a potential customer to leave your website and never return. Luckily, a few changes to your DNS can help you reduce your website latency and keep your customers happy.

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5 Ways To Prepare Your Infrastructure For Disaster

Mudslides, hurricanes, blizzards, oh my! Natural disasters can stop you in your tracks but they don’t have to affect your website. By taking preventative measures, you can reduce the risk of downtime and latency if disaster ever strikes. Also, be sure to check out our Data Center Evaluation Checklist to make sure your data center is ready for disaster, too.

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The Case Against Free ISP DNS

Many companies ignore the importance of DNS management and leave it to their Internet Service Provider (ISP), but by relying on them for this service, you are unknowingly exposing yourself to continuous outages, affecting your website and the general accessibility of online services. Outsourcing DNS to a specialized provider will increase your uptime and prevent revenue loss while reducing the hidden soft costs of DNS maintenance.

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Everything You Need To Know About A DDoS Attack

DDoS attacks can bring large online businesses to a complete halt. Banks, governments, and eCommerce sites are just a few high profile sectors that have experienced large attacks recently. While we tend to only hear about the big names in the media, smaller businesses are just as prone to a debilitating attack. Are you prepared for a DDoS attack?

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Everything You Need To Know About CDN Load Balancing

The longer your visitors have to wait for your website to load, the less likely they are to stick around. This could mean from hundreds to thousands in lost revenue, all for something that could be easily avoided. Load balancing your content with Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) is a great way to disperse your content geographically and boost your site’s performance.

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Maximizing CDN Performance With DNS-Based Traffic Management

With DNS-based Traffic Management, the concept of single-vendor solutions for data center, cloud, CDN or anti-DDoS is eliminated because all of the solutions get normalized to a simple piece of core Internet glue – the means in which data is routed to the service provider – via IP address or by hostname. Get the most out of your CDN(s) with DNS-based Traffic Management.

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How To Avoid Losing Web Revenue During the Holiday Season

Are you aware of Green Monday? How about Free Shipping Day? No? These are two of the up-and-coming “shopping holidays” that take place during the holiday season. Online shopping for the holidays is increasing year over year on days like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and yes, even Green Monday. Is your website ready for the increase in traffic? Or will you be a Grinch this year with unexpected revenue loss?

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