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Domain Services

WebHop (DynDNS) Free Trial

URL forwarding for Dynamic DNS, Standard DNS or your own hosts.

Get started forwarding your URLs with our Webhop free trial.

With our WebHop service, you can redirect those long and hard to remember URLs to a short hostname.

WebHop is an add-on service for any DynDNS user so they can redirect your own hostnames and manage them using a simple and powerful web interface. This service works with Dynamic DNS hosts, Dyn Standard DNS hosts or your own DNS zone.

Two Redirects

With WebHop, you get two (2) redirects. Need more? Try DynDNS Pro.


If you're a DynDNS Pro user, you can add wildcards like * and forward requests to the same URL as

Cloak Page URLs

Looking to avoid long clunky URL appearing after the redirect? Completely cloak page URLs that you want to be invisible in browser's address line.