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Managed DNS Case Studies

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Advertising & Media


Adcash needed a robust DNS provider to keep up with the fast-paced changes of the advertising industry without sparing a second of latency.

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CNBC Director of Platforms Rashid Karimov authored this extensive study on how CNBC was able to improve response time, have better control over traffic and better utilization of internal data centers and more through working with Dyn’s managed/outsourced DNS services.

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After hearing about Dyn at a major conference, TurboBytes investigated the company further and a possibility for powering DNS for their fast-growing content delivery network optimizer. With a requirement of premium performance, Dyn Managed DNS was up to their standards…and then some.

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Consumer Goods


In order for Hershey’s to continue their massive global growth, they needed to get rid of single points of failure to ensure uptime and optimal performance.

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Online Commerce


With over 30 million members, 1 million active shops, 60 million unique visitors, over $895 million in annual sales and 200 countries with annual transactions, Etsy is truly the world’s most vibrant handmade marketplace. They needed a true managed DNS provider and one they could trust with their growing brand.

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Across Europe, rail travel allows locals and tourists to travel efficiently without the hassle of airlines. To keep their customers’ whole travel experience frustration free, makes booking travel easy. To provide the fastest service without any hiccups along the way, came to Dyn to help control their site’s traffic.

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Powering personalized shopping experiences for major brands, RichRelevance serves more than 3.5 billion recommendations per month. When they got tired of dealing with expensive prices, outages, and a relationship driven by contracts instead of a relationship, they came to Dyn.

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Internet Performance


Krux delivers a cloud-based data management platform that helps companies protect, manage, and monetize consumer data across all digital screens and sources. To best serve their global customers, Krux needed the ability to route traffic in case an outage was to occur — a big reason they ultimately came to Dyn.

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Fastly is building the next generation of Content Delivery Network (CDN) technology and services. In order to continue to grow at a rapid pace, Fastly needed an infrastructure provider that would scale with them and ensure uptime to their worldwide user base. Enter Dyn Managed DNS.

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BT is one of the world’s largest Internet Service Providers with operations in more than 170 countries. But even a company of that size needs some great partners that can help with uptime and especially with their unique needs. Learn how Dyn was able to help this telecom giant.

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One of the most popular mobile operators in the world, Telenor has over 160 million subscriptions in 12 global markets. Being such a giant company, Telenor had a dire need for reliable uptime, usability, and global load balancing. They found their solution in Dyn’s Managed DNS.

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Online Service Providers


As broadband adoption has increased, D-Link customers have relied on their home and small business routers to provide services that enable customers to host content and support remote computer access. That’s why they looked to Dyn Managed DNS to help.

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The GLOBE Program

With cyber crime on the rise, .gov domains were mandated to adopt DNSSEC security extensions. By using Dyn Managed DNS, the GLOBE Program was able to accomplish this mandate on time with no additional cost or worry.

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The leading real estate site in the United States, Zillow has over 70 million monthly visitors and over 110 million property listings. Learn how this ever-growing company made resolving DNS queries a piece of cake with Dyn.

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Software as a Service


Over one million people and businesses rely on Basecamp’s web-based applications to get things done the simple way. Their web presence is critical to the success of their company and products. Simply put, downtime is not an option and that’s why they chose Dyn.

Case Study


As Distil continues on its path of being the first SaaS platform to offer prevention against Internet scraping attacks, they needed to have 100% confidence in their DNS platform. But their CEO was a former salesman and knew the tricks of the trade. Luckily, he found Dyn and the rest is managed DNS history.

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A company’s relationship with its customers can make or break a sale. France-based iAdvize has built tools to help build this relationship, but no customer service tool is helpful if there’s latency or downtime. iAdvize came to Dyn to improve their Internet performance and keep their customers’ customers happy.

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AudienceScience had two key goals: decrease costs and DNS query latency while effectively limiting staffing, expertise, hardware, power and cooling. Those were met using Dyn Managed DNS, freeing up rack space by switching from a hardware-based system to a DNS cloud service.

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Web 2.0 / Fast Growth


If you’ve ever clicked Share, Like, or Tweet after viewing an article or content piece on your favorite website, chances are you’ve used AddThis. With millions of websites using their services, AddThis needed killer DNS if they wanted to keep everything running smoothly.

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The Cheezburger Network

When your clients are comfortable enough being completely honest with you, you know you’ve got a great relationship. Other than using Dyn Managed DNS, the reason the rapidly expanding Cheezburger network likes us? They never have to talk to us.

Case Study


The Internet has connected people all over the world, but with 70% of Internet users being non-native English speakers, language can be as much of a barrier as distance. Smartling is closing the communication gap by offering real-time translation services, using Dyn Managed DNS to reach their global customers.

Case Study


As their traffic and queries per second grew at an unprecedented rate, Dyn Managed DNS allowed Twitter to seamlessly transition to a secure and stable enterprise level solution. The transition allowed them to take advantage of delivering better network performance and traffic management, because they’re kind of a #bigdeal these days.

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The social network for IT professionals uses Dyn Managed DNS to help with their scale — a community of more than 2 million that grows by an additional 2000 new signups a day.

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When one of the world’s largest online gaming sites needed a managed DNS provider that could handle 170 million unique users a month, they knew the choice was obvious: Dyn. Here’s the story of what frustrated them about their old provider and why they compliment their new service on a daily basis.

Case Study


Red Hat

Red Hat is a leader in open source software development for enterprise IT. Two of its platform as a service offerings, OpenShift Online and OpenShift Enterprise, make cloud-based application development, building, deployment and hosting available. Find out how Dyn’s API helped Red Hat take OpenShift to the next level.

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