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Hostname Expiration Never
Hostnames to Choose From 30
Domains to Choose From 260
Access to Wildcard CNAMEs
Free Email Support
100% Organic and Fat-Free

DynDNS Pro

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  1. Easy remote access to devices: desktop, files, web, mail servers, home VPN, webcam, data storage, DVR and more.
  2. Whether it’s configuring a domain name, hosting a website from home or setting up a photo gallery, DynDNS Pro is all about simplicity.
  3. Super fast propagation (20 seconds time-to-live) comes standard with DynDNS Pro, along with reliable static IP caching for DNS TTL values.
  4. DynDNS Pro is powered by five globally diverse data centers on Tier 1 bandwidth.
  5. DynDNS Pro provides update mechanisms for making hostnames work with your dynamic IP address.

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There is also a 30 day money-back guarantee for services purchased for a year or more.

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