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Infographic: Dyn 2011 Year In Review

If you read Kyle York’s post from last week, you know Dyn had a killer 2011 and a lot of momentum heading into 2012 thanks to a lot of great customers, partners, employees and friends. To help support Kyle’s thoughts, our talented Julie Parenteau put our awesome 2011 year in review into infographic form.

A quick overview: we moved into a new office space and opened two new locations, enhanced several of our global Points Of Presence (PoP), nearly doubled in staff size, signed on a slew of new clients, won some awards and a lot more. Managed DNS and Email Delivery are here to stay and it’s thanks to everyone we mentioned above.

See the graphic after the jump and click to enlarge. Here’s to a better, faster, stronger 2012!

Dyn 2011 Year In Review
Side note: as of this writing, we have 10 positions open. From IT Operations Manager to Customer Service positions to Product Managers to Web Development, we’re looking for the best in the world to join our squad. Did you make a resolution to find a new job in ’12? What are you waiting for?

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