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Sep 16, 2014 By

Dyn is Internet Performance Delivered

Behind The Scenes of Dyn’s New Positioning

The business world is a competitive one. For a company to continue to succeed, it must constantly be willing to examine itself and refine who it is, how it helps its customers and the impact it can make on its industry.

At Dyn, we don’t only want to succeed, we want to run the Internet. Running the Internet is an ambitious goal. It is also one that can and should be tackled from multiple angles. We had to take a long, hard look at our past and present to define our future. Ensuring our vision matches our positioning matches reality is a constant goal of our leadership team.

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Sep 16, 2014 By

Dyn Internet Intelligence

Dyn Releases Internet Intelligence Solution Providing An Unprecedented View Of Internet Performance

The World’s Largest Internet Sensor Grid facilitates Internet Monitoring, Analysis, and Planning

Manchester, NH (September 16, 2014) – Dyn, the worldwide leader in Internet Performance, announced today the release of Dyn Internet Intelligence, a SaaS-based product that provides real-time visibility into critical Internet connectivity and routing data so enterprises get a comprehensive look into how the Internet affects their online presence. Leveraging the world’s most extensive sensor grid, geolocation analysis, and Internet connectivity mapping, Dyn Internet Intelligence gives enterprises actionable, real-time insight to help select the best cloud service providers and data center locations to meet business goals and ensure their Internet applications and services are available to customers all over the world, at all times.

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Sep 9, 2014 By

Dyn Mobile Release

Dyn Releases Two New Mobile Apps

Apps will help educate on the importance of Internet performance

Manchester, NH (September 9, 2014) – Dyn, the worldwide leader in Internet Performance, announced today the release of two new mobile apps, available for Android and iPhone, which will help illustrate the importance of Internet performance and provide useful tools for its customers. These apps, Dyn WHOIS and Dyn Dig, have already been downloaded more than 30,000 times and are available for free in the iTunes store and Google Play.

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Sep 5, 2014 By

Response Times

Speed & Consistency: How Does Your CDN’s DNS Perform?

Bundled services and products usually provide a great value to customers. Take car tires, for instance. You often hear of deals where you get a fourth tire free with the purchase of three tires, which is wonderful since A) cars have four tires and B) car tires can come with a hefty price tag.

Now, consider the value of the deal if you bought three high-quality tires and the free tire was not on the same caliber. Its performance may be questionable and you’ll never be quite sure if it will last as long as your other tires. Would free really be worth the price of decreased performance?

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Sep 4, 2014 By

Message Management Updates

Announcing Exciting Updates to Dyn’s Message Management Product

Sending and tracking emails just got a whole lot easier for developers and startups. I’m pleased to announce new developer-friendly packages and code libraries within our Message Management product! Don’t miss the special offer at the bottom of this post…

With these new packages in our Express Email Delivery product, startups and developers can easily develop code that sends and tracks emails, and integrating this messaging directly into their own applications. Now, users have all they need to integrate with ease, scale more quickly, and ensure their most crucial communications to customers are always delivered without fail.

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Sep 3, 2014 By

Why Scale Is The Key To Successful Online Business

I love the Internet. The Internet is a great place to share ideas and information, to connect friends and family around the world, and to start a business.

It is this last point that gets me most excited. If you are an entrepreneur or business person, if you want to create real impact, you need to start an online business.

Don’t get me wrong. There is great value to brick and mortar. Local community is in my DNA. My parents have run a sporting good shop for the past 30+ years. But the reason today’s entrepreneurs should be salivating at the prospects of operating a business online is one word: scale.

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Aug 29, 2014 By

How To Save Money On Your CDN With Dyn & aiScaler

This post was written by Milo Muller at aiScaler.

How is this possible?

CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) were created in the 90s, when the public internet was slow. Visitors were using 56k modems, fiber cables were non-existent and there were only a handful of internet exchange points. When specific websites became popular, they needed a private channel to circumvent the slow public internet, which gave birth to the CDN (Content Delivery Network). Many popular websites now pay a premium to their CDN for delivering their content over private networks with a reserved capacity, often paying up to $0.10 per GB.

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Aug 26, 2014 By

Website Performance

QUIZ: Is Your Website Performing The Best That It Can?

Good website performance is critical for a great visitor experience. Downtime or even just slow page load time can deter someone from ever visiting your site again. Even if your site is doing well, do you know for sure that it’s performing to the best of its abilities?

Answer a few questions about your site’s downtime and performance to see if you have room for improvement or if your site is top notch. Take the quiz below!

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Aug 21, 2014 By

High School Tech

Ten Manchester-area High Schoolers To Plunge Into High-tech World

(Story originally published in Union Leader by Doug Alden)

MANCHESTER — Ten Manchester-area high school students are getting a head start on college and beyond in a new program designed to take high-tech learning outside the classroom.

The Computer Science Career Exploration is a collaboration between the Millyard-based internet company Dyn and Manchester Community College.

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Aug 18, 2014 By

Path to the Inbox

The Best Path to the Inbox: From Decision to Delivery

(This post was originally published on MarketingProfs and was co-authored by Noah Jessop, co-founder and CEO of CommandIQ. Noah will be participating in a Dyn webinar on Wednesday, Aug. 21 at 2 p.m. Register Now!)

Despite the rise of social media, mobile apps, and other forms of communication, email remains the number one way for many marketers to keep in touch with their customers.

Yet, using email appropriately requires a deft touch. Marketers must have a full grasp of not only which message to send to whom and at what point but also how to get their messages into the recipients’ inbox in the first place. Hence the two critical “Ds” of email marketing: decision and delivery.

Current email strategies require competencies in both areas. Here are the top things you can do today to improve your decisions and delivery, and ultimately lead to improved customer engagement.

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