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The Dyn Sign

The story behind the sign that sits atop of our historic mill building office

As a hyper-growth company, Dyn is constantly looking toward the future. While that vision is important, we also have a great appreciation for our past and our history.

We did not choose Manchester, New Hampshire because it is the tech capital of the world. We built our business here because it is our home. We are proud of its strong history and want to play a role in its future.

We are incredibly fond of the mill building that houses our 60,000 square foot office spaces. In years past it was home to some of the greatest technological innovation in the world. Along with our friends at DEKA and other companies, we are trying to replicate that today.

But we wanted to do more than just talk about our past. We wanted to honor it. So when it was time for Dyn to put a sign on our building we had an idea.

We wanted a sign that made a statement. We looked at the sign as a chance to link our collective past to the future. This is why we wanted to model our sign after the famous Pandora sign that dominated the millyard so many years ago.

Our landlord’s family started the Pandora sweater mill and his mother, May Gruber, was the person whose writing the sign was modeled after. Before passing away, at the age of 101, May drew our name on a piece of paper, and with that act, blessed the installation of the Dyn sign.

The rest, as they call it, is history, and with this history we build a tremendous foundation for our future.