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Created with the purpose of giving back to the community

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What is DynCares?

We invest in the areas of STEM education, technology, workforce development and entrepreneurship.

How we’re involved

There are three different ways Dyn gives back to both the local and global community: cash donations, technology/resource donations and volunteer efforts.

DynCares Grant Application Guidelines

Essential elements to be considered for a grant:

  • The project is an investment in workforce development.
  • The project partners with others to grow the New Hampshire technology ecosystem.
  • The project will enhance STEM education.
  • The project will have a direct impact on the local communities where we are based and the State of New Hampshire.
  • The project will foster quality of life issues for the communities where our employees live and work.

Elements that are beneficial for consideration

  • The project has a high likelihood for success.
  • The project is of value to the community.
  • The project has a local and/or statewide impact.
  • The results of the project are measurable.
  • The benefits of the project are long term.
  • Resources come from multiple partners.
  • Funding is leveraged or matched.
  • The community is involved.

Apply for a DynCares grant

Why DynCares?

Dyn is committed to creating a positive change in the community through the betterment and advancement of education and technology.

Through our Dyn Cares initiative, we encourage our employees to invest in projects that they care about. In turn, Dyn financially supports the efforts that our employees support with their time.

We are committed to develop partnerships, build relationships and effectively leverage Dyn’s talent and resources to make a long-term, positive difference in the communities where our employees work and live.

Educational Initiatives

Dyn believes that the tech industry should take responsibility in helping to train and educate their future workforce by growing their own talent and inspiring a new generation. Through the initiatives below, Dyn is helping to lead the way. Read more about Dyn's Educational Initiatives in NH Business Review

STEAM Ahead NH, an initiative supported by Dyn and SilverTech, is a comprehensive educational initiative based in Manchester that focuses on science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. A partnership between the Manchester High School West, the Manchester School District, Manchester Community College and the University System of New Hampshire, it is the first-ever school reform effort in the state involving educators and administrators from all levels of public and private education and the business community.

Technology & Innovation Academy at SEE With sponsorship of Dyn, SilverTech, Granite State United Way, and Ali Rafieymehr, we established a learning place called "Technology & Innovation Academy at SEE" which is located at SEE Science Center. This new high tech classroom in the SEE Science Center offers diverse technology-focused learning opportunities for middle and high school students led by engineers, professors, business owners, scientists and teachers. In the courses, students gain the skills to pursue technology careers.

Hackademy, a four-day event that provides selected college students from the surrounding area with the opportunity to learn about tech as well as see it in action. Students attend software development workshops and learn about new and exciting technologies. Attendees also are given the opportunity to put their theoretical knowledge into action and compete in teams to develop something – this year it was mobile iOS applications for six local New Hampshire nonprofit organizations.


Dyn contributes to a number of great organizations and we encourage you to as well.

New Hampshire High Tech Council Visit Site

In an effort to keep more of New Hampshire’s young talents to stay in-state, Dyn helps sponsor the Kocher Scholarship. Applicants must be an employee, or a dependent of an employee, of a Council member company, be enrolled full-time in a two-year/four-year program in a New Hampshire school and must do an internship at a member organization.

Stay Work Play NH Visit Site

The goal of Stay Work Play NH is to expose more young people to the advantages of remaining in or returning to New Hampshire. The overall effort builds off the work of the University System of New Hampshire (USNH) and partnering organizations that established the 55% Initiative in 2007. This effort set a goal of encouraging at least 55% of the new graduates to stay compared to approximately 50% who currently stay.

FIRST Visit Site

We’ve been involved with FIRST Robotics for several years as a group of our staff monitors students as they build their robots and put their talent into action. This event encourages the bright minds of tomorrow to invest in engineering and scientific careers, paving the road for personal achievement and helping the industry move forward.

Alpha Loft Visit Site

Alpha Loft is dedicated to accelerating the development of early-stage, scalable businesses, commercializing the intellectual capital developed at UNH and other leading educational institutions, and creating sustainable employment opportunities in the state of New Hampshire.

Alpha Loft supports and provides resources to entrepreneurs, improving their prospects for successfully launching and scaling innovation-based businesses. Alpha Loft’s success means a strong entrepreneurial culture in NH, creating companies and high quality jobs. In addition to high value programming, events, advice, and mentoring, Alpha Loft has locations in Durham, Portsmouth, and Manchester where entrepreneurs can start and build their companies.

STEAM Ahead NH Visit Site

STEAM Ahead NH, supported by Dyn and SilverTech and and over twenty other Manchester businesses, is an comprehensive educational initiative based in Manchester, NH that focuses on science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. It is a partnership between the Manchester High School West, the Manchester School District, Manchester Community College, the University System of New Hampshire.

It is the first-ever school reform effort in the State of New Hampshire involving educators and administrators from all levels of public and private education and the business community.The goal of the project is to provide the opportunity for high school students to earn one full-year of college education while they are in high school at no cost. The Steam Ahead Academy at Manchester High School West offers, project-based, discovery learning in engineering, computer science and allied health. Over twenty local business and educational foundations have contributed in excess of $300,000 to support this initiative.

SEE Science Center Visit Site

The SEE Science Center is an interactive learning center established to promote the understanding, enjoyment and achievements of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

New Hampshire Charitable Foundation Smarter Pathways Visit Site

Increasing STEM Attainment with Pathways from School to Work New Hampshire is poised to transform its K-12 and higher educational systems. The state’s urgent need for skilled workers in science, technology, math, and engineering has mobilized business and education to align educational competencies with workforce needs, and increase attainment in the STEM fields.

Leaders have formed a new partnership to strengthen STEM pathways—to provide students with seamless coursework and advising from the classroom into the workforce for New Hampshire’s highest need STEM occupations. This pathways partnership will be supported by the Lumina Foundation, the NH Charitable Foundation, and employers from around the state, with in-kind contributions from public higher education. It will be employer-driven to ensure pathways address immediate workforce needs, but will be grounded in a close partnership with public higher education. The project will implement key recommendations from the NH Charitable Foundation’s recent report on New Hampshire’s STEM talent pipeline, and directly advance the Community College and University Systems’ goal of increasing STEM graduates by 50 percent by 2020.

Our commitment to open source work

As a technology leader, we’re proud to help out with projects and open source work that benefit many. We encourage our employees to contribute to this type of work and sponsor some efforts as well. Find some of our work on our GitHub page.

How you can get involved?

We encourage you to check out some of these organizations and find ways you can donate time and services. Need ideas or connections? Just ask us!