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Dyn Intern Program

Not Your Average Internship

Everyone needs a start somewhere. Dyn provides qualified individuals with the opportunity to intern with us in a true, hands-on, interactive learning environment. Looking for an easy and bland internship experience? You won't find that here.

We want to cultivate, teach and mutually benefit from our interns -- many of whom have gone on to bigger and better things here and other companies.

Whether it's in development, writing code, sales/marketing or one of our other technology-rich departments, we are always on the search for the brightest young minds looking to get their foot in the door.

Their Experiences...In Their Own Words

Coming into Dyn everyday as an intern is something I look forward to. I love working with the people here and enjoy the work I do. I can honestly say that having an internship with Dyn is the most educational, fun, and enjoyable real world experience I have ever had.

Eric Pelland, Email Developer

One thing I remember the most is in my second day of work, I got to make a sales call to China to a potential their translator since I speak three languages. The experience was great. Not only the translating part, but also I could see how the actual sales work is done. This job seems have much potential to be explored and I can’t wait to see where it’s leading me to.

Ivan Ma, Marketing

When I am programming and I have a question, any or all of the team are great with helping me solve a problem. When there are daily rounds of “twos-ball” (fooseball with two balls), they encourage developing my skills even though I am horrible. I can definitely say my skills in programming have improved! I hope this trend continues for the rest of my time at Dyn.

Terrance Shepard, Mail Team

Join The Team!

Drop us a line about what you're looking to bring to the Dyn table. We'll send you information that we need and start the process from there.

If you want a great experience, intern at Dyn.